Three Reasons Why Setting an Intention of Surrender Might Be the Best Thing for You

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Erin McCabe

'Tis the season for acceptance and believing in mystery

As we start the final month of 2017, there may be a range of feelings based on how the year has gone for you. Whether 2017 was one of the best years or one of the worst, surrendering to what is and accepting the present moment might be the best way to finish the year. When we surrender and accept, we allow, let go, and believe. While this may sound like a very passive way to go through life, it does require discipline to stay present and flexible.

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So here are three reasons why this intention of surrender and acceptance might be the best thing for you:

1. You'll improve your mental and emotional flexibility. Think of it like stretching for your mind and emotions. There are many times when we want to be in control of everything, but life doesn't always allow for that. We all can think of examples when life throws curve balls with health issues, job changes, family issues, or even just messing up a recipe for that party tonight, and, though it sounds impossible, this might just be the perfect time to practice surrendering and acceptance. When we allow and let go, we improve our mental and emotional flexibility becoming more present and open minded.

2.  You'll be more connected. Not only will surrender and acceptance help you, it will help those around you. These intentions require humility and putting your ego aside. We must not always think that we have to control everything or that our way is the best way. Do note that this is not an easy change and is much easier said than done for many of us, including me. But if we can invite our ego to step aside and let go of control, things will begin to feel lighter and you might find it easier to connect with those around you. We can hold onto control and expectation so strongly that we put so much effort into resisting the present moment leading to tension, exhaustion, thinking we are always right, and possibly offending those around us.

3. You'll have something to believe in. And what better time of year than now to remind us to believe? And yes, you should go watch Elf, Love Actually, or The Muppet Christmas Carol now. Belief can bring so much joy, depth, and ease. When we believe that things will work out, surrender and acceptance are much more natural. So when life throws those curve balls, believe that it's happening for a reason or just believe that it will be okay eventually. What exactly we believe in is for each of us to decide and find, but it could be as simple as believing in mystery. Believing that we might not be able to come up with a rational reason for everything and just allowing things to unfold and flow.

So as we start the final month of 2017, remember that life is full of mystery and when we believe in, and even appreciate, this unknown, it can lead to more connection and more mental and emotional flexibility - things we all can use a little more of.

"Surrender asks us to be strong enough to engage each moment with integrity while being soft enough to flow with the current of life." -Deborah Adele

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