Friday was a great day to take my Go Plus electric bicycle out for a two-hour ride on Route 14 in West Hartford

Ebike? There's an app for that

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'Bikeometer' keeps your mileage on track

Just as technology has made the electric bicycle a viable alternative to cars, it's opened up new and exciting ways to make your e-bike excursions productive and more fun.

A quick search of the iTunes app store or Google Play Store will yield a trove of cycling trackers that literally turn your smartphone into a powerful bike GPS computer.

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I did some research and found Bikeometer to be the downloadable app that best fits my daily needs. Some of the app's main features include a graphic speedometer and power meter, current cycling speed and maximum cycling speed, bike distance in miles or kilometers, Google maps, calorie counter, and tracking your route.

Starting off at ground zero

With Bikeometer I am able to see my bike's performance statistics in real time on my smart phone screen.

The Hartford Historical Society

The other day I took my Go Plus e-bike out for a spin on Route 14 in West Hartford, Vermont, past the Hartford Historical Society and on to the old Woodstock bridge, the scene of one of the worst train wrecks in Vermont History.

About halfway to the old Woodstock bridge on Route 14 in West Hartford

The old Woodstock bridge

My round trip distance was 25.7 kilometers, traveled at an average speed of 12 kph. I burned 1,862 calories, which is a good workout for those trying to lose weight.

The distance to the Hartford Historical Society was 4.6 kilometers

If you don't like Bikeometer, there's Bike-O-Meter, CycleDroid, Runtastic Road Bike Cycling GPS, Urban Biker, and many others to suit your needs. If you are a lover of new technology like me, then e-bikes and smartphones together make a great tag team.

And you can't beat the price of most cycling apps -- they're free.


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