Town Plan Sent To Selectboard For Review

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Will Selectboard ‘Receive’ Town Plan?

The Planning Commission sent its proposed Town Plan to the Selectboard. Will the Board receive it at the meeting on December 6? Some residents have said the Selectboard should reject the document outright because the PC did not solicit public comment as required by state law, making the proposed plan void. See PC Approves Town Plan Amid Controversy  The other view is that receipt is an administrative act, not a blessing of the Planning Commission process, 

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The proposed Town Plan is on the Norwich web site here

The Selectboard “must" hold the first of its public hearings “between 30 and 120 days after receiving the proposed Plan” from the PC, says the  Municipal Planning Manual at 113. If the Selectboard does not adopt the Plan “within one year of the date of the final hearing of the planning commission,” it shall be considered rejected.  Manual at 114.
Proposed Town Plan
Municipal Planning Manual, Module 1: The Municipal Plan (2017) 


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