Three Common Beauty Care Issues and How to Deal With Them

If you’ve ever peeked into our shop in downtown White River Junction, you know that we carry a wide array of products ranging from balms to sugar scrubs to shampoos to lotions. Everyone who comes into our shop is different in some way and we want to be able to help them find what works best.  

Despite those differences, we see trends in the issues that present themselves to our customers. There are a few questions we get all the time, so we put together a list of the three most common issues we see at the shop, and what we think the best and easiest solutions are!

The number one most frequent question is how to deal with a dry, itchy scalp. We see a lot of people come to us who simply use a dandruff shampoo and hope that it will do the trick, when in fact they are missing out on what their scalp wants most: moisture. The air is getting cold and dry and a lot of us are trapping our hair and scalp under a hat when we’re our and about.

Our advice would be to ditch the medicated shampoo and look for something with a healthy dose of oil and nourishing botanicals. Your hair and scalp will thank you!

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Our second most frequently occurring issue is dry, cracked hands. We’ve even seen customers whose hands got so dry that they bled! As fall changes to winter and colds become prevalent, many of us take to washing our hands frequently in order to stave off the germs. Cleanliness is great, but all of that soap can quickly dry your skin out leaving you with cracked, chapped, or bleeding hands.

In this situation we like to recommend a scrub to slough off the dry skin and a healthy dose of - you guessed it - moisture! Natural oil based lotions and salves will give your skin a healthy boost of long term moisturization.

Hemp Salve, an excellent remedy for dry hands

The final issue we want to shed light on is eye irritation, which is frequently caused by exposure to shampoos, cleansers and other types beauty products that contain harsh chemicals. Many of our customers come to us looking for products that won’t harm and irritate their eyes. The problem is that many mainstream products contain a chemical called phenoxyethanol, which is used as a stabilizer and preservative but can in fact also act as an eye and skin irritant causing pain, redness or swelling.

Our recommendation? Simple, just stop using products with phenoxyethanol!

So there you have it - three common questions we’re faced with every day and how to deal with them easily.


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