Hanover Police Warn about Email Scams Targeting Businesses

Protect yourself and your business against hackers!

Hanover Police are informing community members to be aware of email scams targeting businesses. In these email scams, hackers will forge their email addresses and assume the identity of someone within the organization, typically in management. Then they will send a forged email to someone with the authority to make a payment, such as a finance director, asking that payment be made to someone, for example a new vendor.

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Many of these emails will have a follow-up emails asking you about the status of the request. In many cases the emails are so convincing that the well-intentioned recipient will send the money without hesitation. These hackers are doing their homework on organizations they are targeting.

Please be aware of who is calling you and emailing you. If someone is contacting you and wanting you to send money or requesting personal information, be suspicious. Two things that you should do before sending out any personal/sensitive information or completing any wire transfers are:

1. Call the supposed sender to verify that the email is legitimate; and

2. Start a separate email chain with the sender asking if they did in fact request that information.

These extra steps could save you o your business from making wire transfers to hackers.

Lastly, trust your gut instincts when it comes to these types of emails. If it doesn't feel right, check it out further.

To see an article from the Federal Trade Commisison on imposter scams, view this.


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