Member Spotlight: Vermont Redemption Inc.

Submitted a year ago

Vermont Redemption Inc. expands with a new recycling center in Hartford, VT

Vital Communities supports Local First Alliance member businesses positively impacting the Upper Valley region. Vermont Redemption Inc. is one of those Local First Alliance members making a difference by helping collect and sort redeemable cans and bottles. Owners Jacob and Kim Trombley along with their employees are keeping bottles and cans out of Upper Valley streets, parks, and waterways by providing an easy way for consumers to redeem their trash for money. 

The Trombley family now have three locations with the recently opened Hartford Redemption along with Springfield Redemption and Bradford Redemption. Thousands of cans and bottles are sorted and bagged at the redemption centers each week, speeding up in the warmer months. While some people redeem their cans for cash others donate the money to non-profit organizations. 

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An important part of growth for the redemption centers and for the improvement of the local environment includes expanding the list of redeemable containers in Vermont. The Trombleys know making cans and bottles redeemable promotes recycling and are doing what they can to assist in disposing of trash responsibly.

To learn more about Vermont Redemption Inc. visit the Hartford Redemption Facebook page and to see the full list of Local First Alliance members go to the LFA directory.

Local First Alliance is a program of Vital Communities, a nonprofit organization based in the Upper Valley that brings together citizens, organizations, and municipalities to take on issues where an independent voice and regional approach are essential. Go to to learn more about how we strive to make our region a better place to live, work, and play every day.


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