Creation and the mind

Hello and welcome back to WRJ Tarot Musings!

What do the card hold in store for us this week?

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This time we focus on creative endeavours, how limits can work for us, and on how sometimes losses can be liberating, if we know how to deal with them. The intellect is shown to be of importance in this spread, as a great tool but perhaps also as a means of tripping us up on the path to achieving what we want.

This week I'm using the Aquarian Tarot

First card- universe/big picture- Seven of Pentacles, possible losses have occurred but focus on what you have right there with you as that's the more important thing. What was lost may not be important, or may in fact have been holding you back.

Second- point of view-The Devil, do you get wrapped up in limitations by resigning yourself to their being such, or do you dive right in to them and make them your allies? Make what would limit you work for you.

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Four of Swords- stepping back to take a break and re-assess the situation. I suspect this could serve as the means for overcoming the second card, and that the limiting factor stems from what we saw implied in the first card, but is this what was lost, or one's attitude about having lost?

Fourth- active influence- Page of Swords- pushing the imagination's frontiers in to the real world, making one's dreams manifest-

Fifth- passive influence- Ace of Pentacles- manifestation, isn't that convenient? This definitely plays off of the previous card.

Sixth- current- Ace of Swords- mental clarity and sharpness, a useful too- perhaps for cutting through limiting attitudes to make one's imaginings real? Clarity is of utmost importance here, I believe.

Seventh- comment on the spread- King of Swords- perhaps a caveat, perhaps an encouragement, the King of Swords is master of the mind but, like the other kings in the tarot, is limited by the source of his power. Use the mind as a powerful tool, but don't become so caught up in it that you lose sight of other means that may also be available to you.

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Queen of Pentacles- bringing creativity and manifestation together, an "Earth Mother", but a creative, artistic one

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- The Sun- freedom, success, vitality- the state after beating The Devil? Or the end point of what one wants to manifest?

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- Two of Cups. Frequently interpreted as a card the signifies love and partnership, which is fine, but also remember that some decks show a person looking in to a mirror. Learn to recognize yourself for who you are, and accept that. This can also serve as a useful tool for overcoming limitations.

Our key card for this spread is Death, we of course symbolizes the end of something, leading to something new.  Bringing death to that which can hold us back and keep us from manifesting our dreams for this spread, I believe.

We have two aces in this spread, signifying beginnings. 

Four Swords, more than any other suit, indicates that a lot of this resides in the realm of the mind, particularly shown in the sixth and seventh cards. Three Pentacles indicate the material world as also important, for reasons made obvious in this spread. Two majors, representing that which still resides in archetypal form- imagination?  Only one cup, which shows emotional of less importance, in light of the focus on intellect?

WRJ Tarot Musings out. See you all next week!


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