7 questions for our Listers and Selectboard

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1.  The Contract Assessor system in place works and is respected by residents. Why are the Listers trying to fix something that is not broken?  Is this simply a turf war?

2.  Is the Norwich Contract Assessor competent and qualified? If no, should it be discharged? If yes, what is the fuss?

3.  The Contract Assessor says that the Town is in breach of contract and that the Contract Assessor's relationship with the Board of Listers is irretrievably broken. What is Plan B?
4.  Why reinvent the wheel? A number of municipalities have a structure similar to Norwich, with an assessor and a board of listers. See Chart below and Listers Office - Middlebury Version,  Have any of these municipalities been contacted of late to learn how they dealt with issues that have arisen? If not, why not?

Six towns similar in size to Norwich have an Assessor and a Board of Listers

5.  The recommendations of the 2011 Lister Committee  were adopted by the Listers and Selectboard. See Listers Office - Version 2011. Should the changes sought by the current Listers be subject to similar public study and vetting? 

6.  What does the current Board of Listers want? As a public body subject to the Open Meeting Law, there should be a public record of its "wish list" of changes. There is not. Indeed, there are no votes on the topic. Where and how is consensus reached? 

7.  The current contract calls for the Contract Assessor to report to the Town Manager. The current Board of Listers say this is contrary to state law. The 2011 Lister Committee Report says that reporting to the Town Manager is “required by Vermont statutes.” Which view is correct?

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