PHOTOS: Dump truck full of manure overturns and shuts down bridge over the Connecticut River

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Bridge between Bradford and Piermont cut off for nearly three hours

BRADFORD -  "This is one of those unique traffic situations," Bradford Police Chief Jeff Stiegler noted early Wednesday afternoon after a dump truck filled with manure from a nearby dairy farm overturned just a couple of feet beyond the state line and flipped onto its side.

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    Although the mishap took place on the Vermont bank of the Connecticut River, the state line is defined as the high water mark on the Vermont side so the accident was technically in New Hampshire.

    "The driver was coming down Route 25 going toward New Hampshire.  We are not sure what caused this yet but obviously he struck the guardrails and the truck flipped over," Chief Stiegler noted.  

    "Fortunately no one was seriously hurt.  The passenger sustained some minor facial injuries but both occupants of the vehicle were able to free themselves and they were able to walk away from it.  They were not taken to the hospital," the chief said.

Guardrails were torn out where the truck rolled over on the Vermont end of the Piermont bridge

    Walt Gladstone, one of the owners of Newmont Farm where the truck load of manure originated, described the accident as "scary" but he said he was relieved that neither of the farmhands involved were seriously injured.  

    "It was going across to some fields that we crop in New Hampshire," Gladstone explained, "We do this as needed.  The pits get full and we go field stack it."

Bradford Police Chief Jeff Stiegler points out damage to farmer Walt Gladstone at the scene

The remnants of one of the dump truck's windows drapes over the guardrail

    Bradford firefighters stood by as front end loaders righted the truck, towed it across the bridge and cleaned up the mess on the roadway.  They also put down buckets of "speedy dry" to soak up a small amount of diesel fuel that had spilled onto the pavement.

    Across the bridge on the New Hampshire side, Piermont firefighters were also called out to close down the roadway for the two-and-a-half hours it took to clean up the scene and reopen the state highway to traffic.

The dump truck was towed across the bridge by a front end loader

Bradford Deputy Fire Chief Stephen Sanborn

Bradford Fire Chief Ryan Terrill (left) was in charge of the incident

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