UPDATE: Contract Assessor STILL Wants Out

Issue returns to Selectboard on 11/29

For background, see Contract Assessor Wants Out and Listers To Meet With Contract Assessor On New Contract 

The Listers and Contract Assessor met for over an hour on Monday but were unable to resolve their differences regarding the existing agreement. The Listers, who previously wanted to alter the contract, said on Monday that they now thought the arrangement was workable, according to draft meeting minutes. However, William Krajeski who serves as the Contract Assessor through New England Municipal Consultants (NEMC) reaffirmed his view that the Town was in breach of contract and that he wants the Selectboard to let NEMC out of the contract. The draft minutes indicate that Mr. Krajeski did not think that he and “the current Board of Listers can work together productively.”

NEMC and Mr. Krajeski have worked as Contract Assessor for the Town for a number of years apparently without significant complaint by any of the Town, Listers or Mr. Krajeski. The present rift may amount to a personality conflict, and one Lister last year threatened to not sign the Grand List last year because of differences with NEMC. Town Manager Herb Durfee tried to mend fences, indicating at a September Listers meeting, that all involved should “put aside their differences, avoid saber-rattling and work together for the good of the Town in an attitude of mutual civility.” Recently appointed Lister Kris Clement echoed that view on Monday, saying the Listers are asking for “more education rather than more demands.”

The topic is on the Selectboard agenda for November 29.
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