Perinatal Grief Support Group
Ended October 01



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This support group, hosted by the Dartmouth-
Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) Department
of OB/GYN, is for families who have experienced
miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. You can join
this group at any time. Some people choose to
attend shortly after their loss and others wait a
few months or even longer. You can attend once
or as many times as you like. Interaction among
the group members is encouraged; however,
no one is required to participate more than
is comfortable for them. A lending library of
reading materials is also available.
Note: To access Conference Room 2A, please
park in the front lot of the Heater Road building
and enter through the main door. The conference
room is just to the right of the staircase. For
more information about this group or its location,
please call 603.650.7943 or 603.650.2600.


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