Still Picking Peppers, Still Eating Fresh Tomatoes!

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Henry Homeyer

My grandfather, who lived in Spencer, Massachusetts,  loved to eat his own veggies. Before frost he would pick all his tomatoes and wrap them individually in newspaper, and store them in his cool attached barn. The goal was to eat his own tomatoes until Christmas, which he often did.    

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I tried his technique, and I did keep one tomato all the way to Christmas one year - but it didn’t have much flavor, so I have never bothered doing so again- especially since many tomatoes rotted long before that. Recently I’ve had good luck ripening one kind of tomato on the kitchen counter, and ate my last one this week.

The tomato in question is called ‘Summer Sunrise’. It is a medium-sized yellow that often has a pink starburst on the distal end (but only on vine-ripened fruit). It’s open pollinated, meaning you can save seeds. It has only been readily available, I believe, since 2013 when Hudson Valley Seed Library first offered it.

'Summer Sunrise' tomatoes are not large, but are tasty!

For two years now I have picked all the green ‘Summer Sunrise’ tomatoes I had before frost and just put them on plates in the kitchen. They ripened slowly, but never rotted. And even in November, they were better than store-bought tomatoes.

Summer Sunrise is good for growing in pots and containers as it is smaller, determinate plant.

I am still picking peppers, too! Before frost in September I reported potting up two Hungarian wax peppers (click here to read about that). I moved them inside on cold nights, and put them out in warm weather. Eventually they came in for good, and the peppers have been ripening up, one at a time.

These green peppers will be ready to eat around Christmas.

Hungarian wax peppers are small peppers with some kick. Not as hot as jalapenos, they are pleasant additions to a stir fry. 

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