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See the earlier post for the Norwich version: Listers Office - Version 2011

The 2011 Lister Committee Report contained the description below of the Town of Middlebury Listers /Assessor office. Report at Appendix 4. It seems similar to current structure in Norwich that our present Board of Listers are unhappy with. 

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Middlebury has a population of approximately 8,500 people (include 2,100 students) and 2,220 taxable parcels. The town periodically completes an unscheduled town wide appraisal; the last one was in 2005. Listers are a policy body and they meet only 2-4 times a year and for grievances and are paid a annual stipend of $700. The work of maintaining the Grand List is done by a part time assessor and a part time clerk. Over the past several years the assessor has worked 1 day a week but now only 1/2 day a week. At the last town wide reappraisal … there were not a lot of appeals. There was also an informal appeal process that took care of many of the issues prior to the official appeal process. The Lister budget was $57,974 for 2011 and is projected to be $29,300 in 2012 because of the decrease in assessor time. Also the former clerk left (retired) and the new clerk ... is very efficient and experienced. The permitting system is similar to Norwich’s.
2011 Lister Committee Report


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