Town Budget - First Proposed

Selectboard to discuss on November 29

The first iteration of the Town budget for Norwich for Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) June 30, 2019 is online [see links and chart below]. The proposal calls for an overall increase in spending by 1.29%. Taxes could increase from 1.75% to 7.53%, depending on revenues and the budget surplus from this year. 

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At the Selectboard’s request, each Department Head suggested cuts that would reduce that Department’s budget by 10%. Those suggestions are contained in the materials. The Town Manager Herb Durfree, in his written submission, cautioned that “a 10% cut in the budget across the board would severely impact quality levels of service and staffing that the Town importantly relies upon.” 

The Selectboard will begin discussing the budget in earnest at its November 29 meeting, at which Department Heads will make presentations. In the words of Mr. Durfree: “Obviously, there is more information to come and discussion to be had.” 


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