How Well Trained Do Your Pets Have You?

Ziggy IN her bowl of radicchio

Yes, I wrote that correctly. We all have training goals for our animals, but our pets have some goals too. Not, of course, thought-out goals like ours, but instinctive wants that, when met by specific actions, will cause them to repeat behaviors. 

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Our dogs expect breakfast at 7 when my wife is leaving for work. It started because it's an easy time for me to get busy in the kitchen, and usually I want to eat myself, grab more coffee, and head upstairs to write. 

On the weekends', breakfast comes later. Not that much later, but like 7:30ish. The puppy seems to understand this, or at least live with it, but our older dog, Callie, does not appreciate the lack of timeliness. She will slowly come toward me on the couch until she is sitting right next to me, boring holes into the side of my face and occasionally huffing VERY loudly. This starts at about 6:55 am if we are awake and I am not moving around at all yet.

And the guinea pigs! Every time we go near the kitchen in the morning before I've fed the dogs and given the two crazy pigs their morning veggie, they start wheeking at a ridiculous volume. It's an alarm clock you can't turn off.

Most of the time I give in and get up, but sometimes, just because, I push the time a little further, just to be in a little more control. It doesn't usually end well.😂

What do your animals have you trained to do?

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