Barking About: CATV's Dog Talks - Donna Girot Chats About Celebrating Dogs

Schedule Your Bow-Wow Pow-Wow now!

Have you seen a flyer posted inviting you to participate in CATV's Dog Talks? I did and snapped a quick photo so I could follow up with them.

2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog, and it seemed fitting to new CATV8/10 Executive Director, Donna Girot, to encourage community participation by filming these short bow-wow pow-wow's to air throughout the following year.

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Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with Donna about talk Dog Talks.

While several have been filmed already, CATV would love to have as many Dog Talks as possible! Donna remarked that it would be wonderful to have a variety of working dogs come in for a dog talk too.

Here is just one (excellent) example of a CATV Dog Talk.

For further information about scheduling a dog talk: call 802-295-6688 or email


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