Drug Task Force raids White River Junction residence

UPDATED: New Hampshire man also arrested and charged with drug dealing

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - The arrest of two drug suspects mid-afternoon Tuesday following the search of a car on North Main Street was followed up later Tuesday evening by the execution of a search warrant and the arrest of another woman at a residence on the edge of the bluff overlooking downtown White River Junction.

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    Angela Redmond, 44, was held overnight following the raid by Hartford police officers, state troopers and detectives from the Southern Vermont Drug Task Force who had been watching Redmond's home on Walsh Avenue throughout the day.

   Earlier this year, the state's drug task force had sent confidential informants into Redmond's residence, which sits at the end of Walsh Avenue on the edge of the trailer park where it overlooks South Main Street from the bluff above, on three separate occasions in March and April where they allegedly were able to successfully purchase "bundles" of heroin, which consisted of 10 bags each and cost $130 each time, according to affidavits filed with the court.

      According to court documents, when Redmond was arrested in early August for the alleged heroin sales she initially agreed to act as an informant herself but then reneged after a couple of weeks and was terminated from that program.  Late last month she pleaded innocent to three felony counts alleging sale of heroin and was released from the courthouse on pre-trial conditions. 

Angela Redmond in court Wednesday afternoon with her defense attorney Audrey Smith

    "Since Redmond was arrested, the Hartford Police Department has received numerous complaints of increased traffic coming and going from her house," Officer Dan Solomita wrote in an affidavit, adding, "It was reported that this traffic was short term and people were seen going into her residence and leaving within minutes, which is indicative of drug sales."

    On Tuesday detectives set up a stakeout operation around Redmond's house and then watched mid-afternoon as a black Saturn Ion with New Hampshire plates made a rapid trip in and out of the property.

    Police kept up continuous surveillance of the Saturn and tailed it into the downtown where Hartford Police Officer Thomas Howell pulled it over in front of the Tip Top arts building on North Main Street and a half-dozen officers rolled in for what became a very public search and arrests of two suspects.

    Court documents indicate that Tasha Dube, 25, and Alfred Livingstone, 62, of Wilder were both arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.

Tasha Dube, 25, moments before she was arrested at the scene of the car stop on Tuesday afternoon

    Dube was interviewed later in the afternoon at the Hartford Police Department by a task force detective and allegedly admitted that she had just purchased $150 worth of crack from Redmond at the Walsh Avenue residence, according to Solomita's affidavit.

    Solomita said Livingstone also allegedly admitted to receiving the cocaine, which was packed in a pill bottle, and hiding it in between the rear seats of the vehicle shortly before it was pulled over.

Al Livingstone, 62, of Wilder waits on the curb Tuesday prior to his arrest

        Livingstone, who worked for years as the parts manager at a local trucking sales business, was the survivor of an especially violent home invasion that took place in White River Junction in August of 2011 when two men burst into his apartment in a triple-decker that used to sit at the corner of Prospect Street where the bridge now spans the Connecticut River.  He survived being beaten so badly his heart was bruised by two assailants (who went on to serve lengthy prison terms) who'd threatened to cut his fingers off with a machete because they mistakenly thought that he had a large amount of cash hidden in a safe.

    Redmond, who is currently facing a maximum potential penalty of over 35 years in prison if she were to be convicted of all the charges now pending against her, was released again on pre-trial conditions Wednesday afternoon, including a court order that she make an appointment with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor.  Speaking directly to Judge Timothy Tomasi, Redmond explained that she is "not opposed to counseling" but noted that she had dropped out of rehab after just six days the last time because of concerns she had over the medication she was being given.

    Hartford Police also raided Redmond's same residence at the corner of Chamber's trailer park back in April of 2014 and at the time they reported finding heroin and drug paraphernalia as well as “written correspondence suggesting drug sales and usage, including correspondence from correctional facilities within the state of Vermont and correspondence from known drug users and sellers from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut."

    Redmond eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor possession of heroin and was fined $200 in connection with the 2014 raid.

UPDATE:  The Vermont Drug Task Force announced Wednesday that during the search of Redmond's residence Tuesday evening police located 50 bags of heroin along with a small amount of cocaine and, in addition to Redmond, they also arrested Adam Colon, 27, of Hinsdale, New Hampshire inside her home.

    Colon was charged with three felony counts alleging sale of heroin as well as possession of both heroin and cocaine.  He was released from police custody after he was given citations ordering him to appear on January 9th at the Windham County Superior Court in Brattleboro, Vermont to answer the charges.

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