The Power of COVER Home Repair

Mary Lou Benoir has lived in Randolph for many years.  Her basset hound, Elijah, is her constant companion.  In spite of mobility challenges since she was a young girl, Mary-Lou gets around very well due largely to her incredible strength and spirit.  In recent years however, getting in and out of her house via the stairs became an increasing challenge.  She did not have the financial resources to hire a contractor to build an accessibility ramp because ramps can cost $7-10,000 depending on the size.

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At some point in the future, getting in and out of her house might not be possible.  So, who do you turn to in this situation?

Andy Rightmire grew up in Hanover and attends Hanover High.  He is a bright, athletic student who became interested in community service.  During the summer of 2016, Andy volunteered for the first time on several COVER Home Repair jobs.  He knew that COVER worked only on urgently needed repair projects for homeowners with extremely limited budgets.  He also knew that many projects are organized with senior citizens over 65 years old and often with medical or physical challenges.

Andy volunteered with a COVER Home Repair team that showed up one morning at Mary Lou’s to finish up an ADA compliant accessibility ramp as well as some other important repairs that Mary Lou was unable to do on her own.  Each day began with Mary Lou greeting the volunteers.  She also provided lunch for the volunteers. At the end of the day, there were heartfelt thank-yous for all.

It became increasingly apparent to Andy, that there are many homeowners in the Upper Valley that have urgent home repair needs that they cannot afford.  So, Andy volunteered on another COVER Home Repair job this past summer.  His parents became aware that Andy had developed a better sense of how two people from very different walks of life can make a real difference around a COVER Home Repair Project and have a better understanding of each other.

Now his parents have become active supporters of COVER and hope to encourage other parents and high school students to engage in community service with organizations like COVER.

Write to if you would like to help. No experience necessary.


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