PC Approves Town Plan Amid Controversy

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Next-up is Selectboard

The Norwich Planning Commission approved the Town Plan at its November 9 meeting, according to the draft minutes. The Planning Commission forwarded the Plan to the Selectboard for its “review, hearings, and adoption.” No date certain is set for the Selectboard to begin its consideration, although the Board wants to start soon. 

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The process of adoption by the PC has been controversial. First, the Town Plan is a year late, which impacts qualification for some grants and prevents the Town from amending its zoning ordinance.  In addition, some residents say the PC did not solicit public comment as required by state law, making the proposed plan void. Finally, a series of embarrassing emails came to light between a Planning Commission member and the Town’s Planning and Zoning Director. The emails exhibit a bias against opponents of development, referring to them in one instance as NIMBY’s. Members of the Selectboard expressed dismay with the tone of the emails at the November 8 Selectboard meeting. 

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