My Co-workers Think I Am Martha Stewart!

But, it's really just crockpot cranberry applesauce!

I’ve been missing from the DailyUV lately. Not because, I don’t still love the DailyUV with a hot-burning passion, but because, graduate school is hard. It’s also time consuming.

This Sunday I decided to take a break from reading about pedagogy to make something super tasty. I had a passionate love affair with making apple dishes in September. It’s now November though, so I felt that fall flavors needed to keep going, but with some slight changes.

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Cranberries are tart, super good for your urinary tract (I’ve been told), and are artfully displayed in grocery stores this time of year. So, I picked up four large apples, a whole bag of cranberries, brown sugar, and some cinnamon.

As a new graduate student, I have little time to waste. If I am not deep in 100 pages of educational regulations, than I am hitting my head against a brick wall somewhere downtown. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  But, my point is, who has time to skin apples? NOT ME.

So, I sprayed a crockpot with coconut oil. Chopped up the apples than dumped the cranberries and newly sliced apples into the crockpot. I put a tablespoon of brown sugar and cinnamon in as well. All the recipes I read called for way more brown sugar, but, I am also learning that graduate school makes you fat…so, I am trying to cut back.

I left this on for 4 hours on the MED setting. It made the house smell like apples and cinnamon, which was a major plus!

WHAT ABOUT THOSE SKINS? Well, I used an immersion blender on them around hour three. It made the seeds from the cranberries and the skins disappear. I’m pretty sure leaving the skins on is better anyways, because that’s where nutrients live. Right?! Laziness sometimes pays off.

So, this week for work, I’ve been making overnight oats with some cranberry apple sauce on top. It’s a delight. It’s cheap too! Happy millennial lunch time! My coworkers think I am Martha Stewart! If only they knew I threw stuff in a crockpot and watched The Goldberg’s for four hours straight. 


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