An Open Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump, Thanks for wanting to make America great again. I just thought that I’d let you know that up here, in New Hampshire, we think America already is great. Sure, it could be better, but we’re doing okay in most things.

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Our schools seem to work, and the roads are pretty good. There are some bridges that need work, but the wooden covered bridge here in town - the longest two-span covered bridge in America - is in great shape. Folks have to walk their horses across it, or pay a $2 fine. That makes sense. We’re big on common sense up here.

I know you think that voter fraud affected the results of the election in New Hampshire, but I’d like assure you nothing like that happened here in Cornish. Dale, who checks us in at the polls, knows every voter in town. Or if he doesn’t know someone new, he politely asks to see their driver’s license. It works that way next door in Plainfield, too. So stop worrying about that.

I hear you like hamburgers and eat a lot of pizza. Can I suggest you eat more kale? And blueberries. A big, busy guy like you needs healthy food. And what about that garden out in back of the White House that Michelle started? I could come down in the spring and help you get it going again, just drop me a line. Organic food is tasty, too!

Come visit us if you want, and bring the family. Woodrow Wilson spent part of his summers here in 1913 to 1915. The dress code is simple: checked flannel shirts and scuffed steel-toed boots. But it's deer hunting season now, so you might want to wait until December.  

Best Regards, Henry Homeyer, Cornish Flat, NH

 PS – I am sharing this letter with my readers at the Maybe they will add a few thoughts for you in the Comments section. I hope so! 

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