Richard Neugass and Demo Sofronas prepare students for the Veteran's Day Flag Folding Ceremony.

Norwich Vets Teach Students How to Fold a Flag

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Demo Sofronas

A Veterans Day Flag Folding Ceremony was held on November 9, 2017 in the first and third grade classes of Norwich's Marion Cross Elementary School. The American Legion Post # 8 sent two of their members to show the schoolchildren how to properly fold an American Flag and present and display it.

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Marion Cross School Principal Bill Hammond accompanied US Army Retired Staff Sergeant Demo Sofronas and US Army Veteran Richard Neugass to the classrooms and explained to the students the reason for the ceremony.

Neugass then explained that veterans who belong to a veteran’s organization like the American Legion can choose to wear a legion hat to signify their service or can wear the actual uniform of the branch of military service that they were a member of.

Neugass and Sofronas then folded and showed the classes how to present the American flag. The school children had many questions for the veterans.

The ceremony was followed by photos taken in the classroom and outside the front entrance of the school by Bill Hammond, Tom Candon, and Demo Sofronas.

The American Legion Post # 8 thanks Bill Hammond and his staff for allowing them the opportunity to celebrate Veterans Day with them through this ceremony.

US Army Retired Staff Sergeant Demo Sofronas in a moment of somber reflection.

Folding the flag

Richard Neugass taking questions

From left, Bill Hammond, Demo Sofronas and Richard Neugass

From left, Bill Hammond, Richard Neugass and School Board Chair Tom Candon


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