A previous winter view from my front porch.

Life on the Farm with FarmHer Nan

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Nanette Kendall

Farming isn't a fairy tale.. it's hard work with funny moments.

The beginning of my farming days started back in the 80’s, I had just learned to spin wool into yarn and I was hooked! I had lofty aspirations of being the new Rumpelstiltskin of Vermont!   I was naive to what farming really consisted of, so armed with my very little farming knowledge I started my hobby farm with a spinners flock of mixed breed sheep and angora goats. Looking back, I think I had magical hay chaff in my eyes clouding my reality.  It had to be more cost effective to raise my own fiber, right?  This is the point where if it really had been a fairy tale my fairy godmother should have stepped in to smack me with her wand to point out there were costs to farming, but she was a no show.  So I jumped right in,  spending summers to help hay in exchange for filling my barn, dealing with costs of vets, grain, shearing and sending the fiber to be processed while working a full time job and raising young children.  I was starting to think that maybe it was a bit more than I bargained for. Then I blew out my knee, life changed and my fairy tale was over. 
Or was it?
Fast forward to 2014, and once again I have the opportunity to move onto a farm.  I still have a full time job and a young child in the home and I had to think long and hard about the opportunity, I had missed having animals, being part of the fiber world  and having a front porch to sit on, but this time I also realized how much work was going to be involved, we had long discussions about giving up weekends away, chores and being responsible.  The good outweighed the bad so the lease was signed and we were ready to take this on!  And thus my stories begin..  Life on the farm with FarmHer Nan.

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