We used to think we were smart

Question: How many DailyUV employees does it take to change a light bulb? 

Answer: We don't know, because we can't do it. 

The other day Allegra bought fresh fluorescent lightbulbs because it was a little dark in some of our spaces.

Then Rob climbed a shaky stepladder to replace two dead bulbs. I stood beneath, helpfully stabilizing the ladder and handing Rob a fresh bulb while wondering to myself where Rob would land when he fell. I like Rob and the floor is concrete; I was hoping he'd hit the couch and stick his landing.

So we're up to three DailyUV employees. You've been counting, right?

Only when Rob changed the bulbs, nothing happened. No light. No sparks. Nothing.

We turned to Gabriel for advice, because word around the office was that he successfully changed another bulb earlier in the day. That makes him our expert. He climbed the ladder and fiddled a bit, but nothing happened.

Then our founder Watt wandered over. He said maybe this had something to do with a water leak some time back and returned to his office to think more big thoughts.

Whatever. Five employees and we're still stuck with two dead lightbulbs. Time to go home.


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