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Katie Donovan

You know you're in a great store when you see these things:

Lots of people browsing

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Every time I find myself in Nature Calls and Bonkers, which has been often now that I'm writing posts about this awesome establishment, there are people looking around.  Not just one or two people, but a handful or more.  When they leave, more wander in.  

Word gets around.  I even heard people outside saying, "That's the name of that store."

There are Regulars

People love the store and its products so much they become regulars.  One lady called a worker by name and asked if they had a specific book in stock.  Another family came in and approached the owner and said she wanted to show her family because she liked the store so much.  I think I'm going to become a regular too.

People Pick up the Merchandise and Comment

An older couple were browsing and saw all the cute salt and pepper shakers.  The wife said, "This is what you should get the girls."

People really like the quality and beauty of the products: "Look at these cutting boards!"  Another person picked up a product and said, "Oh that's cute."  

One of the things I like the best about the store is the creative selection.  I see items I've never seen before, and I'm not the only one.  Customers comment, "Did you see this? It's really cool."  For example, these cute stuffed animal toy with pockets to put your little stuffed animal friends are what I think are really cool. It looks fun to play with that's for sure!

Then I saw this and I thought, 'Oh my mom would love this!'  Hmm...Christmas is coming...

These water bottles are beautiful and the abominable snowman is just a riot!  I can find toys for my son, gifts for a friend, and treats for myself all in one spot. 
Kids Playing with the Product Demo Displays

I love that there are demos of the products out for children to try.  Play with the Calico Critters or the Train set.  I even saw a girl playing with a science toy that made noise.

Wander over to the Powerhouse Mall and see what goodies you can enjoy for you, your family, or loved ones at Bonkers and Nature Calls.


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