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UV Edible Explorations explores pie in White River Junction

Recently, my wife and I had the pleasure of dining at Piecemeal Pies in White River Junction. Piecemeal Pies, run by ambitious restauranteur Justin Barrett, has been a wonderful addition to White River Junction’s growing restaurant scene and has already become a fixture of the downtown area in the year since it’s opened.

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The restaurant was somewhat busy when we arrived, as it usually has been whenever we eat there, but the well-organized staff always keeps the wait to a minimum.

Piecemeal Pies has a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, combining the modern and the traditional. Individual and communal tables, occasionally decorated with bowls of potatoes as centerpieces. Large windows at the outside face of the building, complete with seating alongside, give diners a view of downtown White River Junction, while the area near the entrance features a bookcase full of books on traditional cooking and recipes.

I had the curried vegetable pasty with a glass of saizon to go with it,  and my wife had the  pork and parsnip pie with whole roasted carrots on the side, accompanied by a glass of local cider from Citizen Cider. We also got a bag of Thai beer nuts.

The pie was of course in Piecemeal’s signature style with an excellent, hearty, firm and well-formed crust encasing what is basically a stew, in proper English savoury pie tradition.  The pork shoulder was very well cooked, tender and falling apart while the vegetables had a nice bite to them to while still remaining tender as one would expect in a good stew, the richly flavoured gravy completing the picture.  

The carrots were a delight, fresh and firm, just cooked enough, with a sprinkling of herbs to accentuate the flavour.

The pasty had a very nice creamy yet firm texture, very well integrated flavour letting both the spices and the vegetables  speak for themselves without one overwhelming the other. The crust was flaky and just dry enough, with a good body to it.

The beer nuts had a good heat to them from the dried Thai chiles, spicy but not overwhelmingly so,  with the kaffir lime leaves adding an extra distinct herbal note, both flavours standing out and also still complimenting the rich roasted flavour of the peanuts.

Piecemeal Pies has never failed to impress, combining the best of traditional and modern approaches in to a unique style that stands out from any other restaurant in the Upper Valley.  If you haven’t sampled their cuisine yet, this reviewer encourages you to do so. Highly recommended.

Until next time, UV Edible Explorations over and out! 

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