New Month, New Reading!

First reading of November

Hello, everybody!  It’s been an interesting week.  I even got to go to a tarot event at the Main Street Museum (the first of a series) hosted by fellow reader Kevin Quigley, which was quite interesting and entertaining. Those with an interest should definitely keep an eye out for future installments of The Tarot Show.

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Let’s see what the cards have to tell us this time!

For this spread I'm using the wonderful Deviant Moon Tarot.

First card- universe/big picture- Page of Cups.  Beginning of dreaming, subconscious process. Implied passive/receptive state here

Second- point of view- Wheel of Fortune. Cycles, motion, chance.  

Let’s see if the next card can show us where these align here...

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Eight of Wands- more motion. Journeying, though not necessarily a literal journey.  Seems to align with the previous card. Perhaps this journey will bring something new in to manifestation, or transform the journeyer?

Fourth- active influences- Ace of Cups. Aligns with the first card. All about openness and emotions.  

Fifth- passive influence- Six of Pentacles. Wealth (not necessarily money) and being in a state secure enough to be able to share that wealth without really losing anything.

Sixth- current- Five of Wands. Interesting as this implies conflict without (with other people) and/or within (parts of the self in disagreement, feeling conflicted). If this represents where things are headed, perhaps sorting this out makes up part of the journey?

Seventh- comment on the spread-Knight of Pentacles (another card implying action and motion)- a figure on a mission, but working within a framework.

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Page of Swords. Pushing the boundaries of imagination and the mind further. This seems to link to the first card in the spread, also a Page.

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation-Lovers. Some interpret this as representing a choice between two options, I prefer to see it as bringing two things together in harmony but having them remain individual rather than blending.  Perhaps this links to the sixth card, a resolution to the conflict?

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- The World- wholeness and manifestation, the end of a cycle (tying in with the Wheel in this spread?) but one should remember that this only represents one cycle. The next cycle is yet to begin, but do enjoy the ending for now,

Let’’s break down this spread:

No strings of numbers.  

Two sixes - balance, harmony.

Three Majors- Spirit is the dominant element here. Lots of unformed potential. Other suits in balance except Swords, only one there so the mind doesn’t play a significant role at this point.

Key card- Hanged Man. Stepping out from the situation, hanging in between elements, getting out of your head to gain a broader, more objective perspective. I see this as relating to the conflict implied by the five of Wands in particular, and as the key to the journey.


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