Ever wonder about yoga etiquette...?

Submitted a year ago

One thing we hear a lot at Mighty Yoga from new users is they are unsure what the rules of the road are before, during, and after yoga class. So we put together a few tips that are good rules of thumb for any yoga practice, whether in your own home or in a studio.

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A yoga studio is like a sanctuary where people go to relax and find their zen. Be mindful of this by turning off your cell phone before class, save conversations for before or after class, and avoid making distracting sounds during class (grunting, over-enthusiastic sighs, bursting into enlightened song, and the like).

Wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable in during class, keeping in mind that some of our classes are warmer than others and you’re likely to sweat (a lot). Avoid baggy clothes that will get in the way of your practice, as well as clothes that are too tight or revealing.

Please avoid applying strong perfume, cologne, or other scents before coming to class.

Please do not bring your cell phone into class. We suggest that you leave it in the car or turn it off when you enter the studio and place it with your other belongings in the cubby spaces provided.


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