Why A Profile Page?

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Rob Gurwitt
You know how you can’t drive very far around here without seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts through your windshield? Small businesses and organizations can build that kind of visibility online—you just have to do it through a steady presence, a post once or twice a week in a place where people are likely to see it. We get somewhere around 80,000 people a month passing through DailyUV.

So get in front of them! It could be an event you're doing, a new item or service, a sale, or a blog post highlighting who you are, what you care about, what you’ve learned about your craft or business or issues over the years, the lives you’ve affected, the way the world is different because you do what you do… It's all part of telling your story to all the people around here who care about where they live.

And here's the great thing: With a profile page, anything you post on the site instantly becomes part of the page — building a picture over time of who you are and what you do without the hassle of maintaining a webpage. It doubles as a “dashboard,” offering you an easy way to see how posts are doing and to get them onto Facebook or Twitter. 
In other words, it helps you amplify your voice with barely any effort, capturing a DailyUV audience that by definition is interested in local content, along with any Facebook or Twitter audience your organization or business enjoys.
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Even better, it gives you the ability to use our news-publishing interface, which is richer and more flexible (inline photos, embedded video) than other interfaces on the site. This is best for informational, not purely commercial, posting (the market and events calendar are better for sales pitches). But it can be key to telling your story creatively.

The cost? $35/month if you buy an annual subscription ($420 for the year) or $39/month if you pay monthly ($468/year). 

How do you get one? Just email us at ads@dailyuv.com and we'll be in touch.


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