Allan Stein of White River Junction, Vermont during his maiden voyage on his new Go Plus electric bicycle.

Charged Up and Ready to Go

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Discovering the Upper Valley on an electric bicycle

There's no other way to describe electric bicycles. They're awesome. 

Back in March I'd had enough of the daily traffic and decided to make the switch to a more sustainable means of getting around locally.

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So, I did a little online research on electric bicycles and in April I bought an introductory model called the Go Plus on Amazon for $450. I haven't regretted my purchase or looked back since.

The Go Plus, a surprisingly well made Chinese import, has been my daily driver, so to speak. The thing is solid aluminum, weighs about 60 pounds, folds in half for easy transport, and comes with a halogen headlight and detachable battery.

On a full charge I can expect my range of travel to be around 15 miles at a top speed of 20 mph. Once the juice runs out, forget it. That's why I carry a battery charger inside the rear carry-all on longer trips. 

Yes, it looks a bit ridiculous riding a contraption that looks as though it were built for somepone half my size, but, feelings aside, think of the gas I am saving. And I never break a sweat.

I hope to keep you posted on my daily travels at least once a week. It's always an adventure avoiding inconsiderate drivers with their middle fingers at the ready, of that you can be sure. But it just makes good ecological sense to go electric -- and I'm loving it.


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