What is the Upper Valley? What we make it

Photograph by David Nelson

Have you ever tried explaining the Upper Valley to someone not from the Upper Valley? 

Good luck with that. 

In this cluster of communities spreading out from where the White and Mascoma Rivers meet the Connecticut, we voltron ourselves into something much larger than the quiet little towns where we otherwise eat, sleep, and vote.

Towns joining forces to fight the evils of boredom and disconnection—tell people that’s what the Upper Valley is.

But really, the Upper Valley is nothing without its towns, without the health and individual character of each community. We may say we’re from the Upper Valley, but we live in towns. And we do more than eat, sleep, and vote there. In towns we invest, raise kids, support libraries, wear school colors, stop at crosswalks, complain about taxes, and clean up after our dogs. In towns is where we truly live locally.

And at DailyUV.com, we want to make it easier for you to connect and participate—on levels both regional and very local.

We’re just trying be your favorite go-to resource for news and events happening in the region, okay? To be a marketplace for a treadmill that still runs great, or used snow tires with plenty of tread. To plug you in to businesses and services that may be closer than you realize.

We want DailyUV to be the click or tap that connects you to this growing, evolving region of great food, fun activities, wonderful organizations, and beautiful views.

But DailyUV, like this place we live in, is only as good as what you bring to it. We need your voice, the character of where you’re from, your local point of view.

So that when someone asks you what the Upper Valley is, you send them to DailyUV.com.

(Thank you to David Nelson for the killer photograph! Do you know where it was taken? Comment!)


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