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Ever find yourself staring at the menu, unable to decide what to eat?  Want to try something new but afraid to take the plunge?

Try one of these dishes on your next night out and let us know what you think.  Some of the comments from locals made me smile and really made me want to try the dish (and I'm one of those people that gets the same thing each time I go out) so I added them in italics.  Add your own recommendations in the comments below.  

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In no particular order:

Phnom Penh sandwich fron Phnom Penh in Lebanon.  I heard this place was amazing and was impressed it won best sandwich shop in NH.  So I had to try it.  I ordered the Phnom Penh sandwich with curried chicken and got a mango juice.  It was the best sandwich I'd ever had!  Fresh crunchy bread with cucumber cilantro, chili mayo, pickled carrots, and meat choice.  I was dubious of the pickled carrots but the flavor combination of them all is amazing.  Here are what other people said. Comments: "Any sandwich from Phnom Penh." "Too true, delish, wonderful, fresh, clean tasting. Wonderful." "Phnom Penh sandwich! Nothing comes close." 

Pho at the Phnom Penh Sandwich Station in Lebanon. A soup with meatballs, beef brisket, thin noodles, and tripe. I hear a place with pho is hard to find so this sounds like quite a treat for some; it even started a conversation on Facebook.  Menu here.  Comments: "There's pho in the UV??! 😍"  "Yeah!!!! I am so excited too. My Vietnamese friend thought it was pretty good."  

Fatty Daddy from Big Fatty’s in WRJ.  An Angus burger topped with pulled pork, mac and cheese, lettuce, Cabot cheese, tomato, carmelized onion, and BBQ sauce.  Wow - what a creative combination!  Menu hereComments:  "I'll take 2."

Peter's Special at Noodle Station in Hanover.  Low mein noodles with sauteed carrots, peapods, onions, mushrooms, and brean sprouts in a special sauce (add your choice of protein).  This place is definitely on my to-go-to list as I love Asian food and this was recommended by numerous people. Menu here

Mac-n-Cheese with MacNamara's chocolate milk at Ziggy's in West Leb.  I'm a huge fan of mac and cheese so when this commentor said they were also big into mac and cheese, I thought it would be a good place to go for my next craving.  Plus, I also like chocolate milk.  Menu here. Comments: "Comfort food at its best! I am super picky about Mac-n-Cheese but theirs is amazing! Buttery cracker topping......Don't order the adult portion though, the kids portion I can only eat half of! Lol"

Pulled Pork Nachos at Salt Hill. Enjoy a creative take on nachos with pulled pork and all the fixings: Jack cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and sour cream.  Menu here.

Lebanon roll at Yama in W. Leb, or pork bulgolki.  Yama specializes in sushi and locals and visitors alike comment on how amazing it is, comparable to big city restaurants.  You can read reviews here.

Paneer korma at Taj-E India in WRJ.  Paneer is a type of homemade Indian cheese.  Paneer korma is a curry with nuts and spices cooked in a cream sauce. Yum!  I've eaten here before because I love to cook Indian food, but not overly successful, so being able to find a restaurant to eat this wonderful cuisine like I often did in England was quite a find for me.  This is an excellent restaurant with a wide selection and is loved by locals.  Menu here.  Comments: "Paneer korma is a MUST in our house, and my personal vote for best.  😊 👍"  People also recommend: "Aloo Gobhi." and "You CANNOT forget the samosas!"

Mango curry at Tuk Tuk Thai. This is my go to meal at Tuk Tuk.  I have a hard time straying from this delicious menu choice.  Mango, pineapple, chicken, shrimp, onions, and carrots in an amazing sauce. Yum.  I want some now.  I'm not a spicy foods fan and this is nice and light on the spicy.  Definitely highly recommended! Menu here.

Curry muscles from Elixir in WRJ. Mussels with cilantro in a coconut red curry sauce.  I might even try mussels based on this description!  Menu here.  Comments: "I second this! They are SO good!!" and "This is mine too!!"

Desserts at Skunk Hollow in Hartland.  Not only do I hear they have great music here, but now desserts?  Oh my.  Friday night babysitter and off we go!  You get to see them on a dessert tray before ordering.  People rave about the desserts on Yelp, specifically mentioning how amazing they are: toffee blondie with cappuchino ice cream, creme brulee, heath bar brownine, amaretto chocolate mousse, and more.  Comments: "Does dessert count as a dish? If so desserts from Skunk Hollow would be mine!"

Other Suggestions: Keema Mattar medium spice at The Jewel of India, Yama's Kimchi Chigai with spicy pork, Three Tomatoes eggplant parmesan, prosciutto and lemon cream pizza at Three Tomatoes! Chicken Marsala at Lui Luis, Jesses salmon carbonara,Sicilian style Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza from Ramuntos in Lebanon, Seafood Tom yum from Thai Orchid. Windsor Station chicken saltimbocca for dinner and falafel for lunch. Tuna Kabob at Tuckerbox, Pork Carnitas from Gusanoz and Alehouse Cheddar grilled cheese from Harpoon, Fish and Chips at Salt hill Pub, Gundruk Soup from Base Camp in Hanover: 'it's one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten."

Side Note: People would like fresh stuffed jalapeno poppers - so if a restauarant would like to take that up, I'm sure people would flock to try them...

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