PHOTOS: Police surprise burglar in the LISTEN Center

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Tackled behind Hartford Town Hall after foot chase

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Police managed to chase down and arrest a 34-year-old Wilder man after surprising him in the midst of a burglary early Friday evening at the LISTEN Center.

    "I could hear someone moving around inside when I opened the door," LISTEN Manager Barbara Pecor said shortly after she and another employee arrived at around 7:30 p.m. at the darkened building to perform an errand and then quickly realized something was wrong.

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    The two women retreated to their car and backed off to nearby Prospect Street where they had an unobstructed view of the building as they called police.

    Arriving officers discovered that a window on the corner of the building facing Maple Street had been smashed out and the screen bent inwards and were in the process of surrounding the building when the intruder tripped the motion-sensing lights inside the charity's used goods store in the center of the complex.

    "There is somebody inside there!," Sgt. Jason Pedro yelled to the other officers just moments before the intruder strolled casually out the front door and into the parking lot as if he was going to make his way toward the sidewalk.

    "Show us your hands!  Show us your hands!" police began to yell as the man ignored them and continued to take a few more slow steps before abruptly turning toward the back of the building and breaking into a run.  Officers gave chase on foot as the man ran underneath the nearby railroad trestle and into the park immediately behind the Hartford Town Hall.

    Officer Mitch Cable tackled the suspect a few yards from the town's bandstand pavilion and moments later a pair of Vermont State Troopers who had been monitoring the situation on their police radios came flying into the parking lot behind the municipal building to assist.

    Police said the man, whose name was not immediately released, is on probation and has a prior history of burglaries.

Yelling "Show us your hands!" officers (right) begin to run toward the suspect just seconds after he walked out the front door and into the parking lot

The burglar breaks into a run toward Lyman Point Park behind the building

Police tackled the suspect next to the bandshell behind the town hall

State troopers helped bag evidence found on the ground nearby including cash and rolls of coins and an electronic device

Hartford Officer Mitch Cable and Sgt. Jay Pedro walk the suspect to a cruiser behind the town hall

Officer Cable points out a small metal rod that may have been used to smash the window glass

Norwich Police Officer Frank Schippert and state troopers check the front of the LISTEN Center

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