UPDATE: Why This Pole?

Before my Why This Pole? post on the dailyUV, I contacted Verizon Wireless about the choice of pole. The reply, sent to the Town Manager and included in the Selectboard packet, identifies three poles “that could in theory be capable of hosting the site.” The complete answer is below. 

It is nice to have options, however imperfect. 

Q. How critical is the location of the antenna to Verizon Wireless? If the Town preferred a location across the street or up a block, would Verizon Wireless be amenable?

A. Not every utility pole is capable of hosting a small cell. The utility poles across the street have transformers, primary power, risers, and substantial other attachments making small cell attachment unreasonable or not possible. There are three (3) utility poles on the same side of the street, one at the East end of the Green, and one further to the East in the parking lot of a church that could in theory be capable of hosting the site. They are predicted by the RF engineer to be inferior candidates and predicted to provide less return on investment. Even if moving the site removed the need for an easement the balance of questions and responses would be unchanged by an installation in another location. 

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