Dartmouth College Memorial Stadium Dedication

November 3, 1923

November 3 1923, Dedication of Dartmouth's Memorial Stadium with a game against Cornell

Dartmouth College's Memorial Stadium was built as a memorial to the 3,407 Dartmouth students who served in World War I, including 112 who lost their lives. The memorial was subsequently expanded to include students who fought in the Korean War, Civil War, and World War II. There are several plaques honoring the sacrifice of Dartmouth Students near the main entrance off Crosby Street.

This photo dated 1876 describes the earliest football played at Dartmouth was played with a round ball, such as Rugby. This and much more can be found at Dartmouth's Rauner Library.

Football Games have been played on the Dartmouth Green and then moved in 1893 to the Alumni Oval on Lebanon Street

Dartmouth versus Amherst October 30 1889

                                                                            Oct 22 1911,  Football Game on The Alumni Oval.                                                             This is located where Floren Varsity House and the East stands of the current Memorial Stadium stand today.

The wooden grandstand of the Alumni Oval burned January 1 1911. More on that another day!!

The Dedication and Opening Game

Crosby Street entrance of Memorial Stadium. Note that Crosby Street ran straight along the stadium and not curved like today.

November 3 1923 Main St and Wheelock St intersection

Nov 3 1923 celebration on the Green for dedication of Memorial Stadium and honor those who served and died from Dartmouth in World War 1

November 3, 1923 cars parked along Lebanon St where St Denis Church, Hover Lane and Hanover High School will eventually stand.

Speaker at The Dedication of Memorial Stadium and the Dartmouth Band November 3, 1923

November 3, 1923 Opening Game at Memorial Field Dartmouth against Cornell

Play action Dartmouth versus Cornell November 3, 1923

Memorial Stadium has been renovated a number of times. East Stands, Scoreboards, artificial turf and the West Stands were extensively renovated/rebuilt in 2006. The last renovation reduced spectator seating from a high of 22,000 seats to the current stadium capacity of 11,000. 

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Final note, Dartmouth lost to Cornell on November 3 1923, 32-7. Historically in Dartmouth versus Cornell the two Ivy League rivals have met 100 times since October 27, 1900 in Ithaca NY where Cornell beat Dartmouth 23-6, Dartmouth Football has been victorious over the Cornell Big Red 59 times, lost 40 games and tied once 6-6(November 13, 1937).

Dartmouth Football has an Eight game winning streak against Cornell since 2009. The next match up between Dartmouth and Cornell will be November 4, 2017 in Hanover at Memorial Stadium at 1:30.

If you are interested you should go check out the game at Memorial Stadium.

When attending the game, we should not forget the 112 Dartmouth students who died in World War 1 and whose truly deserving memory the stadium is built in honor of.

The location of Memorial Stadium is fitting. It stands, overlooking the "Occom Trenches" constructed by the Dartmouth student-soldiers as they studied at Dartmouth while preparing for trench warfare.

Occom Trenches. We will talk about this more soon.

You should also go check out Dartmouth College's Rauner Library, the coolest place on campus.

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