Part I — Why This Pole? Unpacking The Proposal By Verizon Wireless To Place A Small Cell ’Tower’ On The Norwich Green

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This is Part I of a series of posts addressing the proposal by Verizon Wireless to replace an existing 45 foot wood utility pole near the bandstand with a new metal pole of the same height with the addition of an over three foot high cell antenna on top with related equipment mounted on the pole. The Selectboard next meets to discuss this on November 8.

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Why This Pole? Why The Green? 
Why did Verizon Wireless pick this pole [officially known as pole #13S GMP/33S FP] on the Norwich Green? The stated rationale: “Verizon Wireless engineers have determined this to be the best way of providing service to this part of Norwich.” “Best way” in terms of coverage or in cost to the company? 

The picture above shows the pole in isolation. The picture below shows the pole in context of its larger surroundings. Perhaps it is the winter storm but pole #13S looks barren and forlorn compared to the other utility poles in the picture.

Both photos courtesy of Blue box around pole added. 

Verizon Wireless will jazz it up with an electric meter, an air conditioner sized box, and a three-foot antenna on top — for starters. Verizon Wireless does not necessarily stop there. It wants permission to mount equipment of all “shapes, sizes and configurations.” 

Below are links to two videos shot by drones of the Norwich Green. There are certainly many poles available to choose that are not on the public Green and next to an elementary school. Indeed, for expanded coverage, Verizon Wireless could mount antennae in the steeple of the Congregational Church, as it is proposing for the United Church Of South Royalton.

Perhaps for residents, one pole is as good as any other. Then again, it might be better to avoid schools and parks. 


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