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Browsing the grocery’s beer cooler lately feels like visiting an art gallery. 

After the 16-ounce can became the go-to packaging for craft brewers wanting to be taken seriously, next thing you know, everyone’s trying to leap off the shelf with the slickest, most evocative label design of all time.

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I mean, sure, sometimes you judge a book by its cover and it turns out great. Take just about anything that comes in those hypnotic cans from Burlington Beer Company.

On the other hand, as my eyes glaze over at a wall of such beautiful aluminum, the one that stands out? It’s the most aggressively sub-par design of them all. It’s not offensive, but it’s not even trying. It’s got some line art of hops and a harsh medieval font. And that’s the one I reach for.


Foley Brothers Prospect  Double IPA


Not my first Prospect, but the first time from a can. That seems significant only because, yeah, wow, it feels different carrying out a 4-pack than the usual 22-ounce bottle. Welcome to the can game, Foley Bros. Bless you for not changing a thing about your style, and yes, I mean the beer.

This luscious, lacy juice bomb. Too much? I don’t care. It pours a misty mandarin hew, and smells like somebody planted an orange grove in the middle of the piney woods of wherever. That bright aroma for days, you guys. First sip is straight up Vitamin C. I would pour this with my morning toast, the mouthfeel that pulpy, pleasantly tart—and is that pineapple? Sip after sip, unusually crushable for a double IPA at 9% ABV, it goes down undiminished in its tangy dimensions, and leaves the palate with a slight imprint of burnt caramel. 

The takeaway: Prospect’s big cannonball-splash of citrus and bite is kind of hiding in plain sight. 


These cans were found at Mike’s Store & Deli in Hartland, VT, but see if Jake’s in Quechee or Woodstock Hops N' Barley in Woodstock carry them, too.

Have you tried Prospect? Talk to me about it in the comments.

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