3 Ways to Snuggle Up and Get Cozy

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Katie Donovan

Cozy Socks

Maybe you're like me and wear plain cotton socks every day.  Sometimes though, you just want something a bit more cozy, or even something a bit more fun.  It's the little things at winter that bring warmth and make us smile and it can be simple as a cute pair or socks.  You can find socks for both kids and adults.  Plus, don't discount how much teens like quirky socks!

Cozy Chocolate

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I love hot chocolate.  You know, the Swiss Miss surgary yummy kind.  I was definitely intrigued when I saw these creative flavors: cinnamon bun, maple, and peanut butter.  Hmm...I think I might indulge in the maple flavor sometime along.  Though, the white chocolate does sound tasty.  There are plenty more flavors to try too.

Cozy Candles

If you've never smelled a Kringle Candle, you're in for a treat.  They're meant to burn a long time and have amazing scents.  Bonkers carries two scents I particularly recommend: Eucalyptus Mint and Fresh Lavender.  These are light scents that are perfect for relaxing with on a toasty evening.

You can also enjoy candles as fun decor like these fruit shaped candles.  I think they're unscented (unless my nose wasn't working that day).  I think they'd make a great gift too!
All of these goodies can be found at Nature's Calls/Bonkers in the Powerhouse Mall in W. Leb. Stop in, stock up, and get cozy.


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