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Haunted Places in the Upper Valley

It doesn't need to be Halloween for there to be ghosts in the Upper Valley. These local establishments are all purported to have paranormal visitors.

1. Camp Farnsworth, Thetford Vermont- At this girl scout camp, there have been reports of a female apparition walking around with a kerosene lamp. She has been called the Lady of the lamp, and some people believe she is the Matron of the Camp, Madama Farnsworth.

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2.Sumner Falls, Hartland Vermont- Apparitions of floating loggers have been seen in this area on the Connecticut River.

3. Norwich Inn,Norwich Vermont-Room 20 is purported to be haunted by Mary "Ma" Walker, who purchased the inn in 1920 with her husband. Wearing a long black dress, she's also been spotted in the dining area and other parts of the Inn.

4.Topstone Mill, Claremont New Hampshire-While currently occupied by Time Out Americana Grill, Topstone Mill was formerly a shoe and furniture manufacturing plant that was abandoned for years. Reports of strange activity including being bitten by invisible teeth, levitating objects, phantom footsteps and apparitions in the window were catapulted to national attention when the mill was featured on Ghost Hunters.

5.Colby Dorm,New London New Hampshire- Not just partying college students are responsible for keeping people awake in this dorm at Colby Sawyer College. Stories of unexplained door knob rattling, footsteps and gusts of wind at night have been reported.

6. Hartness House Inn, Springfield Vermont-Beneath the former residence of eccentric engineer and one term Vermont Governor James Hartness, was an underground tunnel system he built that included a study, lounge, lavatory, library, and workshop.  Tales have been told of objects going missing and showing up in other locations and electricity inexplicably going out.

7. Inn at Marshland Farm, Quechee Vermont-Jane Porter lived at the Inn until her death in 1900, but those who've seen and heard her apparition, claim she never left. Even when empty, people have reported hearing footsteps in Rooms 1-6, which was the former Parlor of Jane.Her apparition has also been seen coming from the dining room into the main hallway.

8. Comfort Inn, White River Junction Vermont- Room 112 is said to be haunted by the ghost of a women who committed suicide. Guests report feeling watched and the electronic key entry system being tampered with. 


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