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Enter Before Tuesday, November 7th 2017 at 10pm

Interested in winning $100? We thought so! I mean who wouldn’t be? It’s simple. Just follow the directions below to enter. Enter Before Tuesday, November 7th at 10pm 

Use the tools on DailyUV to help you navigate your way to 4 different posts. Once you find the post, open it, scroll down and follow the directions to the next post.  

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Step 1: Navigate to the homepage

Step 2: Click the hamburger menu at the top left corner and choose "Market"

Step 3: Change your location to Vershire only by clicking the down arrow and choosing Vershire, VT. 

Step 4: Using the search field at the top right, search for your first treasure: a car for sale in Vershire, VT that costs 2,500!

If you run into any issues with our site you can click the orange plus button on our homepage and then click the light blue question mark. 

Ready? Click here to begin!

Wondering why in the world we are leading you on this treasure hunt? As DailyUV becomes THE place to buy and sell we want to make sure our navigation tools make sense to users. Thanks for your help and happy hunting!

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