How to Make the Most of Facebook

Submitted a year ago
Created by
Jennifer Sensenich

Here are three lessons we’ve learned about finding your audience on Facebook.

Tip 1: Share to Facebook when the largest number of people are online. Great times to post are between 6:30am and 8, 11:30am or 6-8pm during the week and 9-11am or 6-8pm during the weekend. 

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Tip 2: Share to Facebook groups … but not all at once. Stick to the ideal time slots above and space out your posts by 12 hours to a day. This helps your post live on Facebook longer! Here are groups you could consider.

Tip 3: Include an engaging header. Don’t just post your link to Facebook. Say something about it! Share a quote, short phrase or tell everyone what excites you about your post.

Facebook can be frustrating, but it's worth the effort. It drives more visitors to DailyUV than any other social media.


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