Spooky Halloween Tarot!!!

Black Cats, Jack o'Lanterns, and bats, oh my!

Greetings and welcome back to WRJ Tarot Musings!  I'm coming off of a lovely weekend where I got to do readings for some delightful people at the before and after parties for the Gory Daze parade in White River Junction. I had a ton of fun and got to help some people in the process, what could be better?

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Now, on to business...Let's see what the cards have to tell us this time.  

Since 'tis the season, I've decided to use the Halloween Tarot for this reading.  One thing that I love about this deck is that a black cat appears in the illustration for every card in the deck, expanding the Fool's Journey concept for the Major Arcana in to the suit cards as well. 

First card- universe/big picture- 9 of Pentacles - Ordering and establishing control over one's world, in a practical, rather than authoritarian, manner.

Second- point of view- Queen of Wands Creative and vibrant, also focused and determined as she directs her will through her wand or chosen instrument, literal or metaphorical.There's a caution, however, that one can take self-assuredness that comes from this too far.

Third- the meeting point of the first two- 2 of Wands Expanding one's world, inner, outer, or both, out in to the world. The Queen expanding her domain?

Fourth- active influences- 6 of Swords a journey, not necessarily literal, while taking some valued elements with you. I'm getting an impression of lots of world/domain building here.

Fifth- passive influence- 9 of Cups - satisfaction, achievement of goals, but leave yourself a little hungry lest you risk resting on your laurels and not pursuing things further.

Sixth- current- 2 of Pentacles- maintaining a dynamic, not static, balance between two possibly opposite elements. A caution here, though. The figure in the image needs to keep the elements in balance or risk falling. A juggling act, so to speak.

Seventh- comment on the spread- Emperor- a figure that embodies the best and worst aspects of power. The Emperor can serve as a very powerful leader, and an example of self mastery, but if he does't maintain that self mastery, he risks becoming a childish petty tyrant. Possible link to the Queen in the second position in this reading? This card appearing in the comment position leads me to suspect this to be the case.

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- Fool The Fool is not bound by the rules because he does not know the rules. Be free, or seek freedom. Ultimately, Will is all about this anyway.

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- 3 of Cups- fun, celebration, but a caution to not let it be empty or wasteful fun, or to let the fun distract you too much from what you still need to do.

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- 9 of Wands- Standing firm and strong- hearkening back to the Emperor here, and reinforcing other themes emergent in this spread, self mastery.

Wands most prevalent, which makes sense given their alignment with will and creativity. Cups, Pentacles, and Majors all in balance, Swords, representing the mind, is least prevalent- time to act rather than think?

Sequence of 2, 3, and 4, going from initial creative impulse to formative and partly in to manifestation. 3 9s present in the reading, subconscious or possibly dreams, as well as the final point before full material manifestation.

Key- Chariot- taking the reigns and setting off on a journey, in a chariot of one's own creation.

Much building of things and accomplishing of goals in this spread. Very interesting. Get out there and make yourselves some worlds! 

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