Mascoma River Greenway

Oh Lebanon NH, you have captured my heart! Not just because you’re so artsy (AVA Gallery, Lebanon Opera House, Upper Valley Music Center), so gustatory (3 Tomatoes, Salt Hill, Phnom Penh, Marsh Brothers Deli), so filled with parks and libraries and the Dartmouth Coach. You are so hip (Scratch Makerspace, as well as Boisvert and Taco’s Tacos food trucks), and now you have added the Mascoma River Greenway. 

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The Greenway is a paved extension of the Northern Rail Trail, opened so recently that the pristine fences lining the walkway still exude that new lumber smell. You can access it by standing with your back to Phnom Penh Restaurant and simply walking forward to the entrance. Another possibility is to drive to Alice Peck Day’s brand new Multi-Specialty Clinic Building. There is a small parking lot on the other side of the street. Exit the lot and walk toward West Lebanon. Just before the underpass is an opening to the Greenway. Once there, turn right to walk toward West Lebanon, or left to head into downtown Lebanon. At this point, approximately 2.1 miles have been completed with another 2 miles still under construction. 

Just opened Multi-Specialty Clinic building at Alice Peck Day hospital

Proximity to the interstate means that the Greenway is not as quiet as other segments of the Rail Trail; there is a slightly scary (or exhilarating) piece that takes you right over the interstate. But it is a stunning result of this community effort and shows that Lebanon is committed to creating and sustaining its green spaces. On this sunny Saturday morning, we were getting those steps in and sighing with contentment at the beauty of the New England fall. 


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