Our parade runs, rain or shine, the Saturday closest to Halloween.

What I Love About Halloween

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david fairbanks ford

Of Devils and Saints. And everyone in Between...

When else but around Halloween time, would I have a nice, neighborly chat with the Pastor of St Anthony's Roman Catholic Church? I reached out to him to let him know that our parade would be passing in front of his church home tomorrow. I simply felt that if we are getting into the habit of having a street-full of foot-stomping revelers in full costume, a New Orleans Brass Band, a Fire Organ, and more, milling about in front of his parish, that he should know about it. He seemed to want a little assurance that none of us were mocking his faith. That is something that honestly, I haven't seen at our parade. I would be one-hundred percent opposed to that. But, after all, there are usually a few "devils" in the parade and I wondered if he would have any problems with that. Well yes, he did say that he has a "problem with devils." Well, good! I mean, if a priest doesn't have a problem with devils, he (or she) has probably chosen the wrong career path. Other than that he seemed okay with our shenanigans. We will have a police escort after all, so we can't be too, too naughty. But let's all remember to celebrate with respect, to have our levity, with gravity. Saturday is busy day at the altar for him, but perhaps some year he will attend our parade, shake some holy water at a devil or two. See if they melt, or if just their makeup runs. 

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For me, the parade's brief pause in front of this imposing church edifice offers a chance to reflect, listen to our band, perhaps sing—or perhaps yell a bit,—and to remember. Halloween is the Hallow'd Eve, before All Souls Day and all Saints Day. It's the Dia de los Muertos; it's time to think about the others—people just like us—who have passed—just exactly as we will pass; it's it's a time to walk between worlds. Thank you, Father Rick Danielson.

Full info about our parade and masked ball can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/134021107219937/


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