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What is the Open Door Experiential Learning Lab?

Open Door has developed a program of successful strategies for stress management, sleep, pain and vitality to incorporate into your daily life. Our program works with your nutritional, physical and mental health to mobilize your own inner resources. The Lab employs pragmatic lessons that will help integrate these three aspects of your life AND help you set the stage for optimal health and vitality.

How Does Open Door’s Team Teach the Labs?

Open Door has a four-part strategy that educates you on causes and indications of each topic.  Then, we addresses causes with simple solutions. Your role is to bring questions and engagement that will enliven and personalize the learning process.

Each week we will:

1.     Present a comprehensive introduction covering one of our four modalities and directed by an Open Door specialist.

2.    Practice skills corresponding to the Lab modality presented.

3.    Work on the Lab curriculum personally and in groups as we tie it all together and acknowledge the benefits of each modality.

4.     Prepare homework and suggestions to reinforce basic concepts.

During and after the Lab, individualized sessions with instructors can be scheduled to address areas of particular concern, deepen understanding of triggers, and solidify skills.

Four weeks after completing the Lab, we will follow up with you to assure benefit and assess next steps as needed.

We look forward to working with you!

For more information, click here or contact us at Open Door.

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