Meet the Wellness Professional: "Miss Amanda" Anderson, Yoga Teacher / Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

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Every week I highlight someone in the Upper Valley who falls under the title of "Wellness Professional" - trainers, nutritionists, therapists of all kinds (physical, psychological, massage), and creators of healthy products, to name just a few. I give them a list of 20 questions and they choose to answer them however they'd like.  [Are you a "Wellness Professional"? Email RVCAmy at gmail dot com to be featured here.]

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This week I'd like to introduce you to "Miss Amanda" Anderson, Yoga Teacher / Thai Yoga Massage Therapist 

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I've been doing yoga and learning about wellness for almost 20 years, starting when I was a young adult living in New Orleans, LA.  I moved to Vermont six years ago and love leading yoga in the woods up here.  

What is your fitness/wellness philosophy?  

Wellness is the ability to rest in your soul. To sit still and feel content simply with your breath.  We use yoga to get comfortable enough in the body to sit long enough to achieve this type of wellness.   

Did you ever have any setbacks and how did you get past them? 

I crushed a vertebrae in my back fourteen years ago when I fell from a hanging trapeze.  It seemed like a huge setback at the time, but it really helped me become more empathic and understanding of my students with injuries.  It also inspired me to keep in shape and not take my body and my mobility for granted.  
What makes you unique in your field? 

I'm one of the only people in the Upper Valley leading Kundalini Yoga classes, which are very different from other types of yoga.  In Kundalini, we focus on the energy of the body, not the shapes.  It can be very profound.  I also lead "Yoga Hikes" in the warm months, which I developed to help people learn to practice yoga anywhere and to get inspired by the woods. 
You're trapped on 12A in West Lebanon starving and you only have $8. What do you buy to get your through your errands? 

I keep almonds and raw cacao goji bars in the car so I don't have to go there.  But in a pinch, I guess I'd go to Panera for some black bean soup.
What's your guilty pleasure (food or otherwise)? 

Driving fast! 

What's your favorite quote or mantra? 

Practice and all is coming. - from Sri Pattabhi Jois, the Ashtanga Yoga guru of Mysore, India. 

Who or what gives you inspiration? 

Traveling to India.  The people are so loving, and spirituality is a way of life.  

What's something you wish your clients/class participants knew? Or did? Or didn't do? 

That a small amount of practice daily - even five minutes - is better than an hour once a week.  That's how yoga changes your life - when you do it regularly.  

What is your favorite exercise? 

Lying on the floor and doing a supine twist.  It makes everything better.  

What are one or two tips you can give to help people be successful in their wellness journey? 

Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't do.  And then do that thing!  Remember that every inhale is a chance to get energized, and every exhale is a chance to relax and let go. 

Where can people learn more about you? 
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