Verizon Wireless Proposes Cell Phone Antenna For Norwich Green

To be discussed by Selectboard at October 25 meeting

Verizon Wireless wants to improve cell service in downtown Norwich. That’s a good thing, other than the zoning regulations do not ‘seemingly’ allow what Verizon wants and the single pole antenna ’might’ impact the aesthetics of the historical district. I use ‘seemingly’ and ’might’ because the company's request addresses neither issue. The Selectboard needs more information from Verizon Wireless and the Zoning Administrator, and needs input from the Historical Society and the public before granting an easement to place a cell antenna on the Norwich Green. The topic is item 7 on the Selectboard agenda for October 25. 

The proposal is straightforward. Verizon wants to replace an existing 45 foot wood utility pole near the bandstand with a new metal pole of the same height with the addition of an over three foot high cell antenna on top. Attached to the pole at an undetermined location will be an air conditioner size box. What it will look in reality is uncertain because no photo mock up is supplied.

Visualization of proposed “Micro Cell” by Verizon Wireless in Amherst, NY

Verizon is not offering any money to the Town for the easement.

The Selectboard is in enviable bargaining position regarding the Verizon request. The Board can presumably can reject the easement request for any reason or no reason. 

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