Steal Our Day Trip: Retreat Farm in Brattleboro

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Lisa Nichols

We stumbled on Retreat Farm a couple of years ago when the options in our usual Trifecta of Fun (Montshire Museum, Aquatic Center, or playground-and-picnic) needed an infusion of fresh energy. 

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On our last visit, Retreat Farm consisted of one big red barn full of animals so pet-able and friendly that my kids would've smuggled a baby goat out of there if they could've gotten away with it. With furries for them and a full inventory of wine, cheese, and fine chocolates located next door at Grafton Village Cheese, we all had a perfect day. For different reasons. 

We arrived last weekend to discover the Farm has completed major renovations, with more on the way. You definitely want to check it out. Last August, they formed a new nonprofit organization, Retreat Farm, Ltd., dedicated to community outreach, education, and ongoing historical restoration of the land and buildings. Because I love old stuff, I find it all intriguing.

But there's also the new stuff: 

View of Retreat Farm's new "Farmhouse Square." The original barn is second from the right. Just about everything else is new.

Crisp, clean play area for younger kids, which is to say that my ten year-old still had a blast in here.

They've added a beautiful store (note the coffee station; these folks know their clientele). The double doors with the glass on the right take you straight into the barn.

Great little reading nook/story corner in the back of the store.

The animal barn is beautiful, spotless, and holds all your kid's favorites: baby chicks, bunnies, sheep, cows, even a pair of little donkeys.

We happened to show up during their annual Cider Press Festival, so I paid a total of $26.00 for three people and a full day of fun. I bought a block of cheese next door for the same amount, and I'm not even sorry. The barn is currently open Wednesdays-Sundays from 10-4. 

So, to sum up: check out the Retreat Farm website, geek out on their history, and prepare for it to become your new favorite weekend destination. And don't forget to snuggle the baby chickens. 


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