Dora Spaulding's 50th Anniversary isn't what you think it is

Dora Spaulding and Cross School Principal Bill Hammond

Dora Spaulding is celebrating her 50th anniversary this year.

No, this is not her 50th wedding anniversary as she has been married to Fred Spaulding for 63 years.

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This is not her high school reunion either.  Her 55th high school reunion was held in 2007.  

Dora is celebrating 50 years as an employee of Marion Cross School. She has been an administrative assistant for the past 10 years and prior to this assignment she was the secretary to the principal.

But her time at the school predates her employment. Dora attended Marion Cross School from grades 1-8 in the original brick building and was the only girl in her first grade class. She then went to Hanover High School Grades for grades 9-12. 

As an administrative assistant, Dora is responsible for payroll, purchasing, arranging bus transportation, maintaining the facility rental schedule and keeping track of things administrative.

Dora and Fred have 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. When not working, Dora enjoys quilting and has made quilts for all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Fred and Dora are avid travelers and have driven to Alaska in their fifth wheeler camper several times and have visited many National Parks.

Dora and Fred

Dora still enjoys her position at the Marion Cross School.Dora stated that retirement is in her future and in her “deck of cards” but we do not know yet which card it will be. 

Congratulations on your 50th!

From left: Principal Bill Hammond, Dora Spaulding and former MCS principal Milt Frye.

Photos by Chad Finer, Bill Hammond and Demo Sofronas.

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