Third reading, All Wrapped Up

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Paul B.T. Hyson

In which things may need uncovering first.

Welcome to the third installment of WRJ Tarot musings!

I would like to take a moment to mention that I was doing readings at the dance party at the Main Street Museum here in beautiful White River Junction on Friday night and had a wonderful time doing it, and will be back there to do readings again at the party before the Gory Daze parade on the 28th!

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I would also like to thank master photographer Ali Hakim for my new profile pic for this blog!

Now, on to business...what can the cards tell us this week?

First card- universe/big picture- 3 of cups.  Great fun and celebration, but with a caution not to allow it to become excessive and wasteful. Exercise moderation in your fun and you have more in the long run

Second- King of Pentacles- the Kings all have a lot of power, but all have limitations. In this case, while powerful, the King is limited by the means he uses to exercise his power. Without he, he can't do anywhere near as much

Third- the meeting point of the first two- Queen of Pentacles- interesting that she'd be linked directly with the King here.  She's a very creative figure, a motherly type, but one that works within a framework. Cards 2 and 3 both have limits and restraints- possibly playing off of the moderation implied in the first?

Fourth- active influences- Luna.  Emerging from a transformation, beginning to come back in to the light but not there yet.  Also a caveat to not sink back in to where one is emerging from. 

Fifth- passive influence- 9 of Swords.  The figure in the card is covering her face to not look at a nightmare, but if she uncovers her face and looks up, the nightmare won't be there.  Possibly what is being emerged  from in the previous card?

Sixth- current- where things are going or can be directed to- 6 of Wands.  A victory, with help from one's friends.  Is this tied to the celebration in the first card? With the friends helping emerge in the fourth and fifth?

Seventh- comment on the spread- 3 of Wands- the figure in the card is part of the community, and valuable to it, but not of the community. Still an outsider, though by their or the community's stance, or both, is an important point.  But is the outsider status really something that matters? Is it a bug or a feature?

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation- 3 of Swords.  Bound by something. Some limiting factor holding one in place. Does this also tie in to the fourth and fifth cards?  I feel inclined to say that perhaps emergence from this is the means to manifest one's Will, leading to what the first and sixth cards imply.

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation- 8 of Swords- another card implying limiting,  is the figure in it being wrapped up, or unwrapping?  

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth- 2 of Swords.  Keeping a balance, but it's a precarious one. If the figure in the image makes a wrong move with those swords, she'll cut the string and lost the lamp.

Lots of limitations here,and emergence therefrom. Interesting threads going through this spread.

We have five Swords here, including the last three in the spread.  All about the mind, which is an amazing tool but also something one can get caught up in, and the eight and ninth cards repeat that idea. 

Two Pentacles and Wands- material world and creativity. 

Only one Major and Cups- spirit and emotion are the least important factors in this spread.

Three 3s, which represent something just beginning to manifest as an idea, but not a fully formed idea yet. No other repeating numbers.

Key card for this is the Chariot.  Building the means to get you where you need to go and beginning the journey there.  

It seems that a lot of unwrapping may be part of the process this time...


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